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Tenancy Management Services

Enjoy investment returns even overseas

Easily solve everyday tenancy management

Efficient and effective property management is crucial in enhancing the values of properties. Our all-round Tenancy Management services, allowing local or oversea landlords enjoy the benefits of property investment, we assure your property is taken care of to maximize your asset without a hazard or worries. Our property management team has accumulated solid experience in providing a wide spectrum of maintenance services to our clients. Customized packages could be arranged to suit our client’s varying requirements. The benefits of our services include and not limited to: 

  • Save your valuable time

  • Worry-free enjoyment of rental returns

  • Increase tenant renewal rate

  • Enhance the quality of the property

  • Experienced, professional and reliable

Property Maintenances and Repairs

  • Periodic inspections to ensure lease compliance.

  • Property renovation and maintenance.

  • Making maintenance or repair recommendations.

  • Obtaining quotations for maintenance and appointing contractors.

  • Conducting inspection to ensure proper maintenance work.

  • Keep the landlord updated about the progress of maintenance work in the common area of the building.

  • Conducting regular inspections and submitting property reports.

  • Conducting simple repair work to eliminate the impact of heavy rain and bad weather.

  • Offering integrated pest management services.

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